20 Meals


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  • 20 meals to give you the nourishment and the strength you need in a disaster situation. Our foods are high in calories and nutrition to give you the energy and strength required in an emergency.
  • All of our Emergency Preparedness food is made, packaged, and handled in The United States and shipped to you directly from our facilities located in the Great State of Utah.
  • We don’t mess around with certifications as our foods are manufactured under the highest regulation standards. USDA, FDA, and Gluten Free certifications are held.
  • Our ingredients are farm fresh and second to none. You will not find better tasting, more delicious/nutritious, food which pack a high calorie fortifying punch. We guarantee it!
  • We ship the food to you in an FDA certified Mylar pouch that is packaged and sealed for 25 years of freshness. These Mylar pouches are built specifically and under strict standards to up hold the freshness and nutritional value of your food.


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